The Great Pumpkin

No, we aren’t talking about Charlie Brown. We’re talking about really GIANT pumpkins and something called a giant Pumpkin festival! Does your town hold a giant pumpkinfest? This is the first year that we’ve decided to check out our local pumpkinfest and it sure was fun! There were massive pumpkins and everyone was trying to get a picture near one even though there was a line that you weren’t suppose to cross!
These are some of the big pumpkins we saw…




They needed a forklift to transport each pumpkin to the weigh in spot. It was quite a sight to see all the pumpkins be loaded up and placed on the scale to be weighed.weighed.


The winning pumpkin weighed in at 1,825 pounds! That’s massive! We’ve never seen a pumpkin so large! It was so much fun watching it all and that wasn’t all there was to do at our local pumpkin fest. There were plenty of vendors selling yummy fall foods and crafts.


And there was even a game of corn hole for the kids going…


And if that wasn’t enough, there was even a couple animals like this kangaroo and owl…



This was definitely a fun day for the whole family and we would definitely think about going back next year! Does your town hold an annual Giant Pumpkin fest and if it does what kind of activities do they have there? Are they the same or different from what our town does? And what was the weight of your towns winning pumpkin? We find it hard to believe that anything could beat our winner!

Until next time,

-The Holiday Twins


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