Does anyone else feel like they are living in Halloweentown after they put up all of their Halloween decorations? We might get a little overboard but holidays are kind of our thing after all. The header pic is a little Halloweentown display of our own that is placed on a little window seat in one of our rooms. The backdrop is just cardboard cutout pieces we got at Michaels Art and Craft store and we draped two table clothes over the seat to get that eerie black and orange floor. Then we just sprinkled these other cute little pieces like the countdown clock and sign and little witches hats and pumpkins to fill it in. It’s our favorite part of our Halloween display and we love adding to it every year.
We also love door hangers and we had to get this cute little guy to use for our bedroom. He’s so cute and whimsical!


You probably already know that we love little pieces. (We think it might be because it makes us feel like we aren’t spending as much money at one time!) but it’s also because they are so cute. Here’s another thing that we put out every year. We’ve had these guys for years. We always put these little pumpkins out as kids and we love having them now as adults. They sure are a classic but unfortunately they’re only about two inches tall so not much candy is going to fit into them!


We do love having seasonal tablecloths to really help get us into the holiday spirit. We already said we used the two tablecloths to make the setting for our display but we also had to get this cutesy purple pumpkin tablecloth for our table. Look at the sweet little jack-o-lantern faces! And don’t worry, our new pumpkin salt and pepper shakers from our previous post are sitting proudly on this very table!


We tend to go more towards cute then scary but that’s just us. We’d love to know if you like cute decorations or scarier ones. Below is even more of our recent cute Halloween decorations. These are little guys that we actually gave out to trick or treaters in the past few years. When we were young, we had a neighbor that always gave out a toy with candy and we use to love going to that house. So now we try to do the same thing. We put one of these guys in with some candy bars in a little treat bag for the kids! But every year we tend to have extra toys but that’s okay! Because then we get more decorations for ourselves!


We hope you enjoyed seeing some of our Halloween decorations. We would love to hear what kinds of decorations you like or which one of our pieces is your favorite! We hope however you like to decorate that you have a fun time doing it! Get creative and enjoy it!

Until next time,

-The Holiday Twins

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