Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you all have a great, spooky, scary day! We are planning on going to see our niece in the morning. This will be her very first Halloween and she is dressing up as a little pumpkin! After that we plan on putting on a Halloween movie and waiting patiently for trick or treaters! We usually get between twenty or thirty kids every year and we love seeing everyone’s costumes. We are giving out Hersey bars, Reese ghosts and pumpkins, and York peppermint pumpkins this year. And since we always add a toy, this year we have spooky little Halloween decorated yo-yo’s!
After that, we are going to read Halloween stories. And these aren’t just any Halloween stories! Every year for at least the last ten years we have written our own Halloween stories for each other. We write them during October. They are usually around ten pages long and then we give each other our stories so we can read them on Halloween night. It’s been a tradition for so long now and we both really look forward to it!
Have a Happy Halloween everyone and remember, have fun and be safe!

Happy haunting,

-The Holiday Twins

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