Does anyone else feel like they always end up combining Thanksgiving with Christmas? We don’t usually mean to do it but we can just never seem to separate the two. But it’s not all our fault because a lot of other people seem to do the same thing. Stores put out Christmas decorations right after Halloween and radio stations start playing Christmas music as well. It’s hard NOT to get into the Christmas spirit with everything around you! Also, we just love getting into Christmas early’s Christmas! And what’s not to love about this holiday? Sweet peppermint and gingerbread goodies, warm and delicious hot chocolate and all the beautiful and colorful light displays. We’ll admit that we have already put up one Christmas decoration.

We have a small tree that we put up in our upstairs. We love putting it up right after Halloween so we can see the lights at night. But the rest of our house is decorated for thanksgiving right now. We have little turkey figurines like this guy….


And we have magnets on our fridge of a turkey and fall leaves…

unnamed (1)

We even recently got a blow up turkey for outside. Kids seem to love him when they get off the bus stop!

unnamed (2)

We might be listening to some Christmas music or watching some Christmas movies already but we also try to stay in a more harvest mood as well for Thanksgiving. We think we have a pretty good balance going so we can get the best out of both holidays.

And after we finish the turkey and watch the parade, we’ll be all ready to go into full Christmas mode. The last two years we’ve actually put up our outside Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving night and it’s a tradition we might just continue. It’s a fun activity for us to do after Thanksgiving dinner. And we’ve always decorated the house during the weekend after Thanksgiving!

We hope you all find the right balance to celebrating both holidays. Whether you celebrate them both at the same time like us or you wait until after Thanksgiving to do anything Christmas related, we hope you do whatever works for you! After all, it’s the holidays and they are suppose to be fun! So don’t panic and don’t get stressed. You can have the tree up during Thanksgiving dinner and that’s just fine! The more the merrier right?

Until next time,

-The Holiday Twins

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