Christmas Time

How is everyone’s Christmas decorating coming along? We have everything up and ready for the big day! This picture is one small part of our decorations. This is just a tiny tree but don’t worry! We have a regular tree as well! But this tree is upstairs and we love having some Christmas lights up there as well! We also have a little train set but unfortunately this one is so small that it can’t actually fit around the tree!

We went with a red star because we always had a red star on the tree growing up. We have since lost that one and use white ones now but we actually found this small red one and had to get it for this tree. We got three different sets of ornaments to decorate this tree. Blue and white snowflakes, teddy bears and angels and simple stockings and round Christmas scenes. We love this little setup we have and it helps to give one of our rooms that little bit of holiday cheer.

We are strong believers in decorating every room in your house for the holidays. Some people may only decorate one room but we love having something in every room to help set the mood. Do you decorate every room in your home or just one?

Until next time!

-The Holiday Twins

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