What we do:

We scour the aisles of our local stores looking for the best holiday decorations! We love to search for the perfect decoration to accentuate our home! We go store to store to find the best items and pieces that will really pull together our holiday decor and hope you will join us on our journey to see all the unique and exciting holiday related things to get you in the holiday spirit!

And while we may focus heavily on decorations, that’s not the only part of the holidays that can get you excited for the season so we will also occasionally discuss holiday food, toys, and more!

Who we are:

We are twin sisters who love everything about the Holidays! We love that excited, joyous feeling you get right before a holiday!

We love going to the stores to find new decorations every year and thought it would be fun to make a blog to discuss everything we discover along the way! Our favorite holidays (it’s so hard to choose!) are probably Christmas and Halloween. We love decorating our home both indoors and out and have pretty much every kind of decoration imaginable, from door hangers, garlands, tabletop decor and more!

Together, we also love photography, graphic design and writing. Our desire to combine all these things that we love is how this blog was born!

We look forward to sharing our love of decorations and Holidays with everyone!

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